Universities Facilitated International Students With Private Flights

By Team MyStudia  |  3 Minutes Read   |  August 26, 2020

International Students make up an important population segment for many destination countries. We see countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Northern Ireland are really standing by it.

Currently, every country is debating ways on opening up the borders and arranging ways in which international students can be let in. Various universities around the world have researched and found that owing to COVID-19 Pandemic, students and their families fear flying by commercial flights and spending first 14 days in isolation to which institutions propose an innovative solution.

Universities are planning on chartering planes for international students with safety conditions to bring them onto campuses. 

From all studies, a few common steps are determined mandatory for students to be eligible for flights. It includes evidence of Covid-19 test; presence of safety equipment’s (Mask, Hand gloves, Sanitizer, etc.) from the moment they leave their house until the destination; need to clear all security checks at airports as well as flights; and lastly quarantine after landing at allocated centres.

One size does not fit all countries and universities and are making various unique decisions that they think are appropriate. Below are some examples,

  • In The UK, the University of Bolton has made plans to fly in students from India, China and other countries before their coming semester starts. Apart from flights they are also planning for other parts of their journey onto campus to ensure a secure arrival. They have been working with Manchester Airport and Bolton Council to organise airport pick-up, onward travel by dedicated coaches, and quarantine support for students. 

President and vice-chancellor of the University of Bolton Mr. George Holmes admitted that safety of students would be paramount throughout their entire journey and when they arrive on campus. He announced, “The University of Bolton is open for international students. They are an incredibly important part of our institution”; “We will ensure that from the moment they leave their home in whatever country they are from, that their safety is paramount”; “We will assist and support international students on the entire journey, ensuring that they remain within their own ‘bubble’ from the moment they set off until the moment they come out of quarantine in the UK,” he added.

  • In Northern Ireland at Queen’s University a flight has been chartered to bring students from Beijing to Northern Ireland in September. Students who have an offer for Queen’s and who fulfils the conditions associated with the offer are eligible for such flight. Existing students who went back home are also eligible to Belfast to start their next academic year. Safety is still a priority and an announcement to prove that is, “Students are required to take a Covid-19 test 48 hours before flight departure. They are required to provide evidence of the test in order to board the flight,” a statement on the university’s website says. Such steps will help students as well as education industry to resume their studies.
  • One of the famous Australian news reporters SBS Punjabi reported that The University of Canberra and the Australian National University has settled picked 350 students in July from their respective countries as part of a pilot scheme backed by the federal and Australian Capital Territory governments. The pilot has been seen as a first step in reopening Australia’s billion-dollar international education sector. Mr. Paddy Nixon, vice-chancellor of The University of Canberra said “The plan will see 350 international students landing in the first flight in Canberra in the middle of July ahead of the second semester” “They will be subjected to mandatory quarantine at hotels in Canberra which will be partly paid for by us and the ACT government”.

Government of every country is now reopening with appropriate safety precautions for their students so that their future and education do get affected. 

Let us know if you or your friends find these precautions to be enough and would you be comfortable enough for continuing the original plans to study abroad.  For specific updates, check the university pages and news from the government on any policy changes or collaboration that is helping students abroad. 

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