Fast track your studies in Canada and Updates for International Students from ICCRC

By Team MyStudia  |  3 Minutes Read   |  August 26, 2020

Fast-track your studies in Canada from India

Canada is one of the most desirable countries to study abroad. Canada hosts students from across the globe with Indian only second to China, as the top sender. Indians represent about 34% of the over 640,000 international students in Canada.

Reasons why Canada is attractive to Indian Students:

  • India is a large middle-class population. Canada is a more affordable option than other countries and students work while studying to cover their living expenses
  • Canada offers a high level of education at affordable rate
  • Indian students have high level of English proficiency and admission in Canada becomes feasible
  • Canada is a multi-cultural society and Indian students are attracted to the exposure
  • Canada offers many options for Indians to study, work and eventually immigrate and Indians can attain permanent residence

Many Indians are planning to start their study in Canada in fall 2020 but the pandemic has spoiled their plan or they are not sure about what to do next. Canada has introduced many policies for their immigration goals during the period of COVID-19 and to help the international students and foreign workers.

These policies include the extension of time given to applicants to submit their applications rather than rejecting the applications. Also, enabled international students to begin their program online in fall 2020 and still they will be eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

How to study in Canada from Indian in fall 2020:

In order to study in Canada, please follow the steps given below that includes the fast-track process as well:

  1. Explore and select the Canadian Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) and identify the program you wish to study.
  2. Apply the DLIs of your choice and if you are accepted, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
  3. If you wish to study in Quebec need to receive a Quebec Acceptance Certificate from the Quebec government. After that, you need to obtain a study permit from the federal government. Indians that wish to study in any province or territory outside of Quebec only need to submit a study permit application to the federal government.

The study permit is legal permission to confirm that you are allowed to study in Canada. You need to submit the documents as part of your study permit application that include your LOA, proof that you can support yourself financially in Canada, as well as a medical exam and police certificate.

Fast-track option for Indian students: the Student Direct Stream (SDS):

Indian students have an option to apply under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) where Canada aims to process the study permit applications for Indian students within 20-calender days.

In order to be eligible for the SDS stream, student must be eligible to the additional criteria but not limited to:

  • Obtain a score of at least 6 in each module of IELTS Academic test (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 CAD from a participating financial institution that meets the criteria for the SDS
  • Prove that you have paid tuition fees for the first year of your studies in Canada

SDS is the best option for Indians who wish to begin their studies this fall. If you obtain an LOA and submit their study permit application on time and may be receive the permit should begin the studies in time for fall 2020.

If you cannot travel to Canada, you can start your program online and still be eligible for PGWP. The PGWP, of course, can then help you become eligible for even more Canadian immigration programs.

Applying on time will definitely be beneficial and the current situation will not affect your education or even eligibility in Canada.

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