COVID-19 update on Study Permit

By Team MyStudia  |  3 Minutes Read   |  August 26, 2020

COVID-19 update on Study Permit


The prime minister of Canada has announced travel restrictions to manage the situation of COVID-19 in Canada. This limited travel to Canada affects the immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport applications as well. You should check the IRCC website on updates to student permits and how much relaxations are given to the applicants and the study permit holders, for the latest updates. Here is an important recent update:

What if you cannot gather the documents for study permit application?

IRCC has stated that the applications will not be refused for study permit if application and documentation cannot be completed due to COVID-19.

This includes applicants for:

  • Permanent residence (including Express Entry)
  • Work permits (including the Working Holiday)
  •  Study permits
  •  Visitor visas

In case the application is due and the deadline for the submission is approaching, you may submit the application with the missing documents with a letter of explanation for why you are missing those documents. IRCC will provide a period of 90 days to complete the missing steps in the application.

Also note that the biometrics letters will still state that biometrics are due in 30 days, but IRCC will allow 90 days for the submission of biometrics.

International students with valid study permit:

If you are pursuing education in Canada and have a valid study permit, or planning to study in Canada and have a study permit for a program staring in May or June, while you cannot travel to Canada due to travel restrictions, you are still eligible for the PGWPP.

In such situation, you have following options:

  • You may begin your classes while outside Canada
  • You may complete up to 50% of your program while outside Canada, if you can’t travel to Canada sooner due to current circumstances

In certain conditions, you are allowed to work more 20 hours. To be eligible for the same, you should be,

  • Study permit holder in an academic session
  • Eligible to work off-campus
  • Providing an essential service

If you need more information, please check

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