Top 6 Myths Indians Have About Overseas Education

By Team MyStudia  |  2 mins   |  April 05, 2021

There are several myths attached to the idea of studying abroad. Some feel it’s too expensive, making it inaccessible, while for some,  it’s just a waste of time and money. We’ve all heard the myths about studying abroad and too often these myths influence our decisions of choosing where to study and what may be the best career decisions. Let’s look at some of these popular misconceptions and get a clearer look at the reality so that you can have a more informed and exciting experience of studying abroad!

1.    Study-abroad or education consultants are expensive.

False! Several online education consultancies are free! For instance, Mystudia offers free of cost applications and guidance from some of the most qualified counsellors in India. The process of applying to colleges with the right guidance has become highly cost-efficient in recent years, making it easily accessible to all. 


2.    Study-abroad scholarships are very less in number.

There are several scholarships available for all! In recent years there has been an increase in opportunities for students from all walks of life. These scholarships are not just limited to academic merit anymore, there are also scholarships based on specialised and/or financial needs. The number of people, universities, and organisations offering scholarships has also risen. There are several large corporations, governments, and academic institutions that offer students scholarships in order for them to thrive!


3.    Studying abroad is very expensive.

Many students think that only if they get a scholarship will they be able to afford to study abroad. However, that is not true! Many universities provide financial aids in the form of student loans with some even offering EMI plans for Tuition fee payment. These aids can allow you to manage your finances well and pay for your education abroad. Apart from these aids, students can also apply for jobs on campus or outside. This income can help you pay for the cost of living in a new country. Understanding the financing required is crucial to making sound decisions and staying within the planned budget.


4.    Studying abroad means you are all alone in a new country.

We understand that leaving your home and going to a new country can be scary. Leaving behind your friends and family is never easy but going to study abroad offers you a fresh start in building your own community. You’re lucky because studying at an institution is also one of the best ways to meet new people in a foreign country!

We personally suggest joining the student clubs and associations that seem intriguing, even if they may be outside of your comfort zone. You will get to meet amazing new people from diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds which will help you grow as a person. Several education consultancies such as Mystudia also helps you connect with students who have gone to the same colleges before you. This allows students to have the comfort of knowing someone in a new place. 


5.    The process of applying to universities and colleges is long and tedious:

In the age of globalisation and digitalisation, this myth falls flat. While this used to be true a while back, it is not the case anymore. There are several online agencies just like mystudia, that allow you to finish your application process in just a few clicks. The age of creating individual long applications is far gone, now all your files can easily be uploaded in one place and submitted to different universities with one click.


6.    Studying abroad means wasting money and having parties:

It is true that studying abroad is fun but it does not mean partying 24/7. Yes socialising at parties is an experience you will have but that is not the only thing you will do. Studying abroad offers students to enjoy their experience to the fullest through several opportunities. Such as college clubs, extracurriculars, etc.

There are always two sides to a story and now, you have heard our side of the story! It is true that applying abroad can be very overwhelming but at the same time there are also resources to help you make it exciting! 

Let us help you make overseas education exciting and stress-free, so that you can focus on the more important decisions. Use the MyStudia Search page to find the best match programs for you. For free counselling session, reach out at or +91 61907400! 

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