Top 5 high salary career opportunities in Artificial intelligence

By Team MyStudia  |  3   |  May 20, 2021

Last week we talked about the career opportunities for an information technology graduate, this week we will dive into the world of artificial intelligence. No we’re not talking about some black mirror scenario where AI takes over the earth, instead we are going to talk about how the arena of artificial intelligence will become your new best friend!

It’s no lie that Artificial Intelligence is the future, while it is going to replace several jobs it is also going to create tons of new ones! In the current times it has also become clear that technology is here to stay and so it is important for us to adapt. To help you adapt and start your journey towards the world of artificial intelligence, we have come up with the top five high salary prospects for those looking to start their careers in this area:

  1. Data Analyst: At the heart of artificial intelligence lies data, ones who are able to manage it have several opportunities to grow and excel in this line of career. This field is broad and has several career prospects. A data analyst manages, analyses and stores data. An important aspect of this is also to communicate this data to others. The average annual salary of a data analyst is somewhere between CAD 58,000 - 60,000. Big data courses are often the go-to as an entry to Artificial Intelligence and some of them are listed here:

    • Big Data Analytics (PG certificate) at Georgian College

    • Data Analytics (PG Diploma) at Langara College.

    • Big Data analytics (PG certificate) at Lambton College

  2. Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining software that is self-running. These are professionals who can work with large amounts of data in the areas of risk management, prevention of fraud etc. The average annual salary of a machine learning engineer is somewhere between  CAD 84,000 - 85,000. To become a machine learning engineer it is important for one to have knowledge of Python, Scala, Java etc. 

    • Data science and Machine Learning (Diploma) at Red River College 

    • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (PG certificate) at Lambton College

  3. Research Scientist: A research scientist is the backbone of the industry. They take up the important work of researching and creating a pool of knowledge which is concerned with machine learning and intelligence. The average annual salary of a research scientist is somewhere between CAD 91,000 - 94,000. The high salary is a result of the years of studying and learning.

  4. Robotics Scientist: We have all heard the famous legend that the robots are going to take over most of our jobs. While that is somewhat true what people tend to overlook is the facet that they are also indirectly going to create several jobs! One of them and also a very exciting one is robotics scientist. They are responsible for inviting, maintaining and fixing machines. The average annual salary of a robotics scientist is somewhere between CAD 69,000 -70,000.

  5. AI Engineer: Last but not the least are AI engineers, these are the people who run the ship. They are critical thinkers and problem solvers who test, apply and enhance different models of artificial intelligence by using different algorithms thereby creating an efficient AI infrastructure. The annual average salary of an AI engineer is anywhere between CAD 81,000 - 84,000.


    • Artificial Intelligence - Architecture, Design, and Implementation (PG certificate) at Georgian College

While these are only five career prospects, this industry has a plethora of opportunities. Several big corporations such as Apple, Google, Facebook etc are always on the lookout for AI experts! Now that you have an idea of what you could be earning it is important to plan your education goals to reach that level. Let us help you make overseas education exciting and stress-free, so that you can focus on the more important decisions. 

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