Top 5 high salary prospects for management students!

By Team MyStudia  |     |  May 28, 2021

In the last few weeks we spoke about artificial intelligence and Information technology. How these two were the future and how one could make the most of it. This week we go back to our roots and talk about a field that has been there and done that, a field that is here to say. With that let us begin by saying congratulations on choosing one of the most versatile degrees, you have already taken the first step in making your life a success story!

 The reason why we call management a versatile field is because it offers several specialisations for you to choose from. Your skills are easily transferable to different aspects of the industry. To help you reach closer to you goals we have created a list of top five high salary jobs that you can pick in this industry:

  1. Financial Manager: As the name suggests The work of a financial manager includes all things finance for the company!This will include creating short and long-term financial plans for the company. This is a high stakes job since you will have to loock after different aspects such as allocation of resources, predicting risks etc. The average annual salary of a Financial manager is CAD 60,000 - 61,000.
  2. Marketing Manager: The job of a marketing manager is to create brand awareness and increase the brand reach. Since marketing is key to almost every company hence it permeates through different sectors such as engineering, hospitality, media etc. This job is a mix of your business management skills and creativity. The average annual salary is CAD 63,000 - 64,000.
  3. Human Resources Manager: HR managers play a pivotal role in the company, they act as the bridge between the top executives of the company and the employees. They are important for effective communication, recruitment, creating HR policies etc. If you are someone with great communication and negotiation skills then this is the path for you! Th average annual salary of a HR manager is CAD 70,000 - 71,000.
  4.  General Manager: Every industry requires a general manager that is responsible for managing a specific unit in the company. They are responsible for their allocated business unit for which they have to come up with different strategies. These managers are the all-rounders, they have to look after all the functions of their unit. The average annual salary of a general manager is CAD 66,000 - 67,000. 
  5. Public Relations Manager: A public relations manager, as the name suggests maintains the public relations and image of a brand or a client. This job involves creating press releases, speeches for clients, statements by the company etc. Not only does this involve great management skills but also a lot of critical thinkin. The average annual salary of a Public manager is CAD 65,000 - 66,000.

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