If you’re looking to get enrolled in a Canadian college or university, here are a few basic things you need to know before you start applying. Stay ahead of the game by being prepared!

By Vinit Shah  |  5 min   |  July 22, 2021


If you’re looking to get enrolled in a Canadian college or university, here are a few basic things you need to know before you start applying. Stay ahead of the game by being prepared! 

Admission Document requirements

  • High school (9th to 12th standard) mark sheets
  • Engineering programs require you to have taken Math in your 12th grade.
  • English language test scores
  • Make sure to mention what you did during your academic gap (the time interval spent from graduating your school/college/university to applying) if you have any in your application.
  • Backlogs- These are the courses and subjects that the student did not clear in the exams or failed. Students continue the semester with a condition to clear it on the next attempt. Same as ATKT.
  • Any work experiences when applying for Post-grad

Factors to consider when applying

  • Your career goals: It’s important to consider what you have in mind for the future and how it aligns with your current educational background. Not only is it vital for you, but it is one of the factors that Visa officers look at when considering your eligibility for the student permit. 
  • Location and Size: Any qualified Canadian student visa consultant would agree that the location of the college and the campus matters. Generally, colleges around the industrial communities or bigger cities compared to ones in a smaller town and suburban areas will have better career growth opportunities. 
  • Clubs & Activities: Make sure to research the facilities and extracurricular opportunities that your college offers and the clubs which are present, by either booking a call with the international student office, emailing them, or going to their website. These clubs and activities will add weight to your resume and help with new experiences and meeting people.
  • Cost: It’s crucial to take into account your specific financial situation and what you can afford. So try and make sure you research the tuition fees and whether that combined with living costs and transportation cost in that city fits your budget. 
  • Faculty: Research your university and the board of faculty they have. It’s important to know who you’ll be learning from. Read up on the reviews of these faculty members to have a better understanding as well. 
  • Classroom size: Taking into consideration the size of the classroom is also a key factor. The size of a classroom tells you how the classes will go and how much interaction will occur, not only between you and the teacher but also between you and the other students! So choose wisely.

Application Fee

Application fees of colleges vary for each college. It starts from $50 CAD and can range up to around $250 CAD. Most of the colleges will have application fees of approximately $100 CAD. 

Average International Tuition Fees by Field of Study

Field of study 


Graduate (Diploma and certificates included)




Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies






Social and behavioural sciences



Law, legal professions and studies



Business management and public administration



Executive MBA

Not available


Regular MBA

Not available


Physical and life sciences and technologies



Mathematics, computer and information sciences









Agriculture, natural resources and conservation








Not available





Not available





Veterinary medicine



Other health, parks, recreation and fitness



Personal, protective and transportation services


Not available

Table used from

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