If you are giving your board exam this year, this one’s for you!

By Team MyStudia  |     |  April 22, 2021

We know you’ve heard enough of, “It’s okay we understand,” “Dont stress,” “It’s just an exam,” etc.. but we don’t want to sugarcoat and tell you all these things. Instead, we want you to know that we don’t understand  but we acknowledge that this is a very stressful period because its not just an exam. We know that exams + pandemic is a recipe for disaster and we care about you well-being more than your grades!

Here is a bunch of things you can do to destress and relax amidst the chaos:

  • Five minute dance party: Put on your favourite song and dance like nobody is watching. While it might sound like a funny and weird option dancing actually helps in reducing your cortisol which in simple words are your stress hormones. Dancing is a great way to get them free endorphins! So turn up the music and let it out!
  • Grounding exercises: These are simple exercises that allow you to get in touch with your surroundings. When we are anxious or overthinking we tend to escape reality by creating stressful scenarios in our heads. These exercises are for those tough times! Here are some of the things you can do :
    • Pick a color, say white, and start looking around the room and notice all the objects that are white in color and say it out loud.
    • Lie down on your back close your eyes and try to hear all the sounds and voices that you can hear in your surroundings. It could be the fan,or someone cooking in the kitchen, but listen to all these voices and say it out loud.
    • Brush your teeth! No this is not a joke, brush your teeth and focus on how that make you feel, be very conscious of every small sensation in your mouth and try to focus.
  • Get some sunlight: No we are not asking you to leave your house, we only ask you to find a spot in your home where there is sunlight. Go and sit there, maybe take some great pictures while you soak in the golden light. Sunlight helps in increasing serotonin, it will literally brighten up your mood!
  • Experts: All the things we mentioned above are suggestions and not prescriptions. If you think you need support you can reach out to professionals. Websites such as Therapize India are a great platform to look for the right help available to you!

There are several things you can do to keep yourself calm and free. Remember what you are feeling is completely valid and no one except you and your peers understand it. Also remember that right now the priority is to be safe and strong through this pandemic! While grades are important they do not come before mental and physical well-being.

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