What are the upcoming intakes in Canada?

By Team MyStudia  |  3 Minutes Read   |  August 26, 2020

What are the upcoming intakes in Canada?

In India, the universities and colleges offer only single intake while the Canadian college and universities offer up to three intakes. What is an intake? It means the first semester or a term in which students can enroll or start their degrees.

The three different intakes that are commonly offered in Canada are as follows:

Fall: It starts in September. This intake is the most popular among Indian students and the one with majority of the program offerings and enrollments.

Winter: It starts in January. If you miss the fall intake, you may choose this intake with slightly less programs offered.

Summer: It starts around April or May. It is available for limited programs and colleges.

Which intake to opt for?

Sometimes it is difficult to choose which intake is best for you. You should always try to plan things beforehand and look at how long the degree is and when should you start applying to get into the program. It also depends on if the program is offered all year round. This will give you an idea on what intake to apply for.

Also, research programs you prefer, your academic goals, institute’s academic records, acceptance rate, job opportunities after graduating and so on. This helps you make the most accurate decisions for yourself. In addition to that, the weather and other geographical conditions are also important.

Most of Indian students pick September intake, but for certain programs, January and April intake are equally as good.

You may refer to the table below for intakes and choose the semester as per your program type:


Type of Program

Intake Available

Application time

Undergraduate and Post graduate program in University

Fall (September)

December to March (Year before start)

Winter (January)

September to November

Diploma Programs in college



August-September (Year before)




February to April


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